Unless noted otherwise, these prices are for carry in or mail in service.

Pick up and delivery is available within 70 miles of Bentonville, Virginia.  Actual mileage charged at 50 cents per mile plus $25 per hour.  Tall case overhaul and restoration prices include pick up and delivery / installation of the movement, dial, weights, and pendulum.

Before calling for service, PLEASE take a look at my guide to common clock problems.  If I come to your house, I must charge my house call fee, even if the required repair is minor.

Prices are based on movements with normal wear.  These prices do not include repair or replacement of broken parts or the manufacture of replacement parts.  In the case of modern mechanical clocks, replacement of the movement may be the preferable action.

All overhauls include:

While I try to keep this information up to date, prices are subject to change.

Manufacture of specialized replacement parts and service of unusual clocks will be estimated and the clients approval obtained prior to beginning work.  Guarantee applies only to labor and parts provided by Stan Stocker, Clockmaker.  For a clock to perform well (or at all), the clock must be on a steady well supported surface or floor.

I always recommend that tall clocks be secured to the wall for the safety of both the clock and people near the clock.  Children or adults who are not steady on their feet can and have knocked over heavy and valuable tall clocks.  This can result in significant damage to the clock, and more importantly, injury or death to anyone unfortunate enough to the struck by the falling clock.

As there are several pages of pricing information, actual pricing information is in a PDF here:  Clock Repair Prices