If you have a cuckoo clock that isn't working, I can probably fix it for less than you might expect.  The main cause of cuckoo clock failures is dust and dirt.  With the bird moving in and out of the case, bellows pumping air, weight chains hanging out in open space being pulled up into the movement every time you wind the clock, and the open nature of the cases lots of dust and dirt gets into these clocks!

Unlike other clock styles, which require complete movement disassembly to clean properly, cuckoo clock movements are very open, and have looser tolerances than mantle or grandfather clock movements.  In the majority of cases, ultrasonic cleaning of cuckoo clock movement, followed by careful oiling and adjustment will restore complete operation to the clock.  In the rare instances this approach is not successful, most modern cuckoo clock movements may be replaced for only a nominal increase in the repair cost.  It is often less expensive to replace a cuckoo movement than to completely restore a badly worn one.  Cuckoo clock repair prices are included on the price list page.

Cuckoo clock repair includes:

Cuckoo clocks are light enough to ship inexpensively.  I will be happy to receive your clock via any parcel or postal service.  Please email or call for current cuckoo clock service turn around times.  Insurance is recommended.  Please do NOT ship the weights with your clock.  I have a good assortment of standard weights. Weights moving around in a box can do a lot of damage, and will certainly increase the cost of shipping.  Please tell me the number (if any) on your weights to ensure that testing is done with the same weights you will use when your clock is returned.